App API Proxying for Dev     

When integrating the boilerplate created by Quasar CLI with an existing backend, a common need is to access the backend API when using the dev server. To achieve that, we can run the dev server and the API backend side-by-side (or remotely), and let the dev server proxy all API requests to the actual backend.

To configure the proxy rules, edit dev.proxyTable option in config/index.js. The dev server is using http-proxy-middleware for proxying, so you should refer to its docs for detailed usage. But here’s a simple example:

// config/index.js
module.exports = {
// ...
dev: {
proxyTable: {
// proxy all requests starting with /api to jsonplaceholder
'/api': {
target: '',
changeOrigin: true,
pathRewrite: {
'^/api': ''

The above example will proxy the request /api/posts/1 to