Mobile Addressbar Coloring     

Newer mobile browsers have the ability to specify a color for the addressbar, like in the example below.

Note 1. There isn’t yet a Web standard for this so it won’t work for all mobile browsers.
Note 2. This applies when building a website only. For coloring top bar on a mobile app (built with Cordova wrapper), please refer to Cordova plugins.

Mobile Addressbar Coloring

Basic Usage

It’s best to set this in your src/main.js, but it can go anywhere:

import { AddressbarColor } from 'quasar'

What this does it that it inject some <meta> tags into your index.html at runtime. This means, as an example, that you can dynamically change this color during runtime multiple times, based on the page the user is on (by calling set method on created() lifecycle hook on the respective pages).