Infinite Scroll     

When you want to progressively load new content as the user scrolls down your Page, use QInfiniteScroll component.

Basic Usage

<q-infinite-scroll :handler="loadMore">
<!-- Content, in this case some <p> tags -->
<p v-for="item in items" class="caption">
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet...

slot="message" for DOM element to display (in this example
a dots spinner) when loading additional content
<q-spinner-dots slot="message" :size="40"></q-spinner-dots>

Infinite Scroll loads items in advance when less than one screen height is left to be seen. If the content you fetch has height less than the container’s height on screen then Infinite Scroll will continue loading more content. So make sure you load enough content.

This works best when placed as direct child of the Vue component rendering your Page. If you place it under an overflowed DOM element or component, don’t forget to set the inline prop.

Vue Properties

Vue PropertyRequiredTypeDescription
handlerYesFunctionMethod from VM to be called to load more content
inlineEmptyUse it when you place your infinite scroll within an overflowed DOM element
offsetNumberOffset (pixels) to bottom of Infinite Scroll container from which the component should start loading more content in advance. Default it’s one container height.

Vue Methods

Vue MethodDescription
loadMore()Tells Infinite Scroll to load more content, regardless of the scroll position.
reset()Resets calling index to 0.
stop()Stops working, regardless of scroll position.
resume()Starts working. Checks scroll position upon call and if trigger is hit, it loads more content.
poll()Checks scroll position and loads more content if necessary.


The handler Function takes two parameters:

loadMore: function(index, done) {
// index - called for nth time
// done - Function to call when you made all necessary updates.
// DO NOT forget to call it otherwise your loading message
// will continue to be displayed

// make some Ajax call then call done()

The index parameter can be used to make some sort of pagination on the content you load. It takes numeric values starting with 1 and incrementing with each call.

Inline Usage

Use it when you place your infinite scroll within an overflowed DOM element.

style="height: 400px; overflow: auto;"

Controlling Infinite Scroll

If for some reason you need to control the working state of Infinite Scroll component, use a Vue reference and call methods from above.

<button @click="$refs.infiniteScroll.stop()">
Stop Loading More