Platform Detection     

Helpers are built-in to detect the Platform (and its capabilities) in which the code is running:

// For usage inside a Vue component JS:

// or usage inside a Vue component template:

// Only for usage outside a Vue component you need to import it:
import { Platform } from 'quasar'
PropertyTypeMeaning the code running on a mobile device? the code running within Cordova? the code running on a desktop browser? the code running is a Chrome extension environment?
Platform.has.touchbooleanIs the code running on a touch capable screen?
Platform.within.iframebooleanIs the App running within an IFRAME?

Running on mobile means you can have this code running on a mobile device (phone or tablet) but with a browser, not within a Cordova wrapper.

Other specific properties:
android, blackberry, cros, ios, ipad, iphone, ipod, kindle, linux, mac, playbook, silk, chrome, opera, safari, win (Windows), winphone (Windows Phone) and moreā€¦

Example when running Chrome on a Linux desktop machine:

// Describing
chrome: true,
desktop: true,
linux: true,
name: "chrome",
platform: "linux",
version: "47.0.2526.80",
versionNumber: 47,
webkit: true

When trying to show DOM elements only on a platform you can skip using Javascript and make use of Quasar CSS classes (which is more efficient). Read about this here: Design Helpers > Visibility.