This is a wrapper over the standardized document.cookie.

In addition, you can read and write cookies using JSON objects.

import { Cookies } from 'quasar'

var value = Cookies.get('cookie_name')

When cookie is not set, the return value is undefined.

Read All Cookies

import { Cookies } from 'quasar'

var cookies = Cookies.all()

cookies variable will be an object with key-value pairs (cookie_name : cookie_value).

import { Cookies } from 'quasar'

(Boolean) Cookies.has('cookie_name')
import { Cookies } from 'quasar'

Cookies.set('cookie_name', cookie_value, options)

options is an Object which can have the following properties: expire, path, domain, secure. They are explained below.

import { Cookies } from 'quasar'

Cookies.set('quasar', 'framework', {
secure: true

Option expires

expires: 10

Define lifetime of the cookie. Value can be a Number which will be interpreted as days from time of creation or a Date object. If omitted, the cookie becomes a session cookie.

Option path

path: '/'

Define the path where the cookie is valid. By default the path of the cookie is the path of the page where the cookie was created (standard browser behavior). If you want to make it available for instance across the entire domain use path: ‘/‘. Default: path of page where the cookie was created.

Option domain

domain: ''

Define the domain where the cookie is valid. Default: domain of page where the cookie was created.

Option secure

secure: true

If true, the cookie transmission requires a secure protocol (HTTPS) and will NOT be sent over HTTP. Default value is false.

import { Cookies } from 'quasar'