Material Ripples     

Material Ripple effect can easily be added to any DOM element (or component) through the v-ripple Quasar directive. Following these steps:

  1. Make sure your DOM element or component has CSS position: relative or Quasar CSS helper class relative-position attached to it.

  2. Add v-ripple directive to it.

The color of the ripples are determined by the text color (CSS ‘color’ prop) of the DOM element.

Basic Usage

<div class="relative-position" v-ripple>

Trigger only for one Quasar theme

For this you need to specify mat or ios directive modifiers like this:

<!-- Only for Quasar Material theme -->
<div v-ripple.mat class="relative-position">...</div>

<!-- Only for Quasar iOS theme -->
<div v-ripple.ios class="relative-position">...</div>

Dynamic Disable

If for some reason you have a scenario where the ripples need to be disabled, then you can assign a Boolean as value for the directive.

label="Enable Ripples"

export default {
data () {
return {
rippleEnabled: true

When your Vue scope variable rippleEnabled becomes Boolean false then the ripple will be disabled.
You can also combine this with the mat and ios modifiers.