Context Menu     

This component allows you to display a context menu (popup) instead of the default browser one when user performs a right-click (or long tap on touch capable devices).

Basic Usage

Context menus can contain anything. In the example below, we display a menu.

<q-context-menu ref="context">
<q-list link separator style="min-width: 150px; max-height: 300px;">
<q-item @click="showToast(), $refs.context.close()">
<q-item-main label="Label" sublabel="Value" />

<q-item @click="showOtherToast(), $refs.context.close()">
<q-item-main label="Other Label" sublabel="Other Value" />

The position of the popup is calculated so that it will be displayed on the available screen real estate, switching sides (right/left and/or top/bottom) when necessary.
Clicking/Tapping outside of the popup will close the Context Menu.

Use a Vue reference on <q-context-menu> to call close() method if you want an element to be able to close the Context Menu.

When on a mobile device and user hits the phone/tablet back button, the Context Menu will get closed automatically.
When on a desktop browser and user hits the <ESCAPE> key, the Context Menu will get close automatically.

Vue Properties

Vue PropertyTypeDescription
disableBooleanDisabled or not

Vue Methods

Vue MethodDescription
close()Close Context Menu

Vue Events

Vue MethodDescription
@openTriggered when showing up.
@closeTriggered when closing/hiding.