The Quasar Pagination component is available for whenever a pagination system is required. It offers the user a simple UI to move between pages.

If user wants to go to a specific page, it can click/tap on the inputbox within Pagination, type the page number then hit Enter key and if the new page number is within valid limits, the model will be changed accordingly.

Basic Usage

<q-pagination v-model="page" :max="17" />

Vue Properties

Vue PropertyTypeDescription
valueNumber(Required) The v-model of the pagination component.
minNumberNumber of the first page; Default: 1
maxNumber(Required) Number of last page
colorStringOne from Quasar Color Palette
disableBooleanIf no value is provided (empty attribute), then it’s considered as set to true.

If you’d like to set the minimum starting page or the max number of pages, you can do so, as in the example below.

<q-pagination v-model="page" :min="minPages" :max="maxPages" />

export default {
data () {
return {
page: 4,
minPages: 4,
maxPages: 27

This will cause the pagination to initially render to page 4 and not allow the user to go below page 4.


Use one of the Quasar colors from the Color Palette with the color prop, like primary, secondary, orange-8, teal-4:



If you’d like to disable the pagination component, use the disable prop.

<q-pagination v-model="page" :max="17" disable />