Color Palette     

Quasar Framework offers a wide selection of colors out of the box. You can use them both as Stylus variables in your CSS code or directly as CSS classes in your HTML templates.

This page comes really handy after reading Quasar Theming.

Brand Colors

There can be three main colors used throughout your App, called primary, secondary and tertiary.

Most of the colors that Quasar Components use are strongly linked with these three colors that you can change. Choosing these colors is the first step one should take when differentiating the design of its own App. You’ll notice immediately on changing their default values that Quasar Components follow these colors as a guideline.

Color List

Here’s the list of colors provided out of the box. Use them as CSS classes (in HTML templates) or as Stylus variables (in <style lang="stylus"> tags) within your app’s *.vue files.

primary, secondary, tertiary
positive, negative, info, warning, white, light, dark, faded

On the following colors there are variations available:
red, pink, purple, deep-purple, indigo, blue, light-blue, cyan, teal, green, light-green, lime, yellow, amber, orange, deep-orange, brown, grey, blue-grey

Example of color variation: red, red-1, red-2, …, red-14. See the demo to make a good picture of what variations are. Variation 11 to 14 are color accents.

Using as CSS Classes

Use text- or bg- prefixes as class names to change the color of text or the color of the background.

<!-- changing text color -->
<p class="text-primary">....</p>

<!-- changing background color -->
<p class="bg-positive">...</p>

Using Stylus Variables

In your app’s *.vue files you can use the colors as $primary, $red-1, and so on.

<!-- Notice lang="stylus" -->
<style lang="stylus">
// "variables" is a Webpack alias (defined in /config/index.js)
// which points to /src/themes/quasar.variables.styl
// in your starter kit
@import '~variables'

color $red-1
background-color $grey-5

Adding Your Own Colors

If you want to use colors of your own for components, let’s say we are adding a color named “brand”, all you need to do is add the following CSS into your app:

.text-brand {
color: #a2aa33;
.bg-brand {
background: #a2aa33;

Now we can use this color for Quasar components:

<q-input color="brand" ... />